Addressing Social Drivers of Health Through Accountable Care

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Time 1 Hour

In today's health care landscape, accountable care organizations (ACOs) have emerged as a vital infrastructure, providing the expertise and support practices and health centers need to make long-term investments in population and community health. Unlike in the traditional fee-for-service system, clinicians practicing value-based care within an ACO have greater flexibility to invest in initiatives beyond the confines of the CPT codebook and address the diverse needs of their patients. 

Join Dr. Kim Yu, Aledade's National Director, Clinical & Community Partnerships, the Aledade Policy Team and a panel of ACO members as they discuss success stories, best practices and actionable strategies to address social drivers of health in your everyday operations. 

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By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • How ACOs can enable primary care teams to go beyond the CPT codebook in providing holistic, data-driven care
  • Real-life case studies from primary care physicians and practice staff delivering innovative community-based programs in their clinics 
  • Best practices and actionable strategies for addressing food insecurity, lack of transportation, and barriers to health care in your organization 
  • Our Policy Team's recommendations to policymakers for reducing barriers to addressing social drivers of health in their communities