2021 Results Are In 

Improve Patient Care & Generate Shared Savings in an Aledade ACO

Practices, clinics, and health centers in Aledade's physician-led ACOs improved care for over 500k Medicare beneficiaries, leading to better health outcomes that saved Medicare more than $390 million in 2021 alone.

These savings resulted in an average pay out of $183,000 for Aledade ACO participants.*  Join 11,900 clinicians across 42 states today!

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See more Patients, Reduce Hospitalizations, and Prevent Unneeded Emergency Department Visits

  • 32% increase in annual wellness visits (AWVs) delivered from 2020

  • 22% decrease in inpatient stays per 1,000 from 2019

  • 23% decrease in emergency department (ED) visits per 1,000 from 2019

In 2021, these quality improvements led Aledade’s participants to earn shared savings payments equivalent to more than 20% of their annual Medicare fee-for-service revenue, with some earning more than 100%.

By enabling physicians with actionable patient data and care delivery workflows, 83% of Aledade ACOs achieved shared savings*. Take part in the success today, and achieve better health outcomes for your patients and financial security for your organization tomorrow.

“*Metrics based on past performance. Shared savings revenue and fee-for-service increase is not guaranteed.”