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Better patient data starts with the Aledade App

The Aledade App, a population health tool, delivers actionable patient data and insights directly to the point of care. With our technology, spend less time searching for data, and more time focusing on what’s most important: caring for your patients.

Discover how the Aledade App can help your practice

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The Aledade App is a trusted resource for thousands of physicians, clinicians, and administrative personnel, with benefits like:

  • Expanded access to timely, actionable data
  • Streamlined workflows for more efficient care delivery
  • Increased practice revenues, quality bonuses and shared savings
  • Improved staff and patient satisfaction
  • Expanded engagement across hard-to-reach patient populations
  • Greater accuracy in diagnosis documentation and coding
  • Increased collaboration across care teams
  • Reduced costs of care for patients
  • Improved insights into trends across patient populations
  • Enhanced care management for complex patients

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