Inaugural Multi-State Policy Collaborative: Taking a Stand for Primary Care Funding

Date Weds., Nov. 2nd

Time 7:00pm ET

The Aledade Policy Team is proud to host its inaugural Multi-State Policy Collaborative. This new series of biannual meetings will provide primary care clinicians and administrative staff a deep dive on a specific policy issue, as well as practical tips for advocating for change in their region. The event is open to all State Policy Committee members and anyone interested in learning more about primary care advocacy. For this first session, we will focus specifically on primary care investment opportunities, including mandated minimum primary care spend legislation.

Join SVP of Policy and Economics, Travis Broome, a panel of policy experts, and primary care peers from around the country for our inaugural 75-minute policy collaborative.

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This free webinar will provide you with:

  • An understanding of primary care funding in the United States
  • Strategies to implement mandated minimum primary care spend, including legislation and advocacy
  • Best practices from subject matter experts who have successfully passed and/or implemented legislation that requires a certain percentage of overall health care spend be dedicated to primary care
  • Dedicated time in breakout sessions to dive deeper and discuss how best to move forward, including an advocacy workshop that will include learning opportunities for effective storytelling, stakeholder engagement strategies, and ways to introduce and implement registration